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Biolytix® is a highly innovative yet deceptively simple wastewater treatment system winning accolades at home in Australia plus winning awards globally.

Biolytix® have been enjoying huge success amongest Australian homeowners and are now available in NZ. All Septic & Drainage are the Otago distributors, and are accredited and trained to install and maintain Biolytix® systems.

Using a combination of tiger worms, microorganisms, wastewater plus very smart engineering, Biolytix® convert waste into humus which in turn provides a quite brilliant filtration process to ultimately convert your wastewater into very clean irrigation water for your garden!

Biolytix® Offer:

  1. Low maintenance – only one service per year
  2. A chemical free system.
  3. Small, light tank making installation easy. Particularly on problem access sites.
  4. Odour free – guaranteed!
  5. Safe to use in conjunction with kitchen waste In-Sink-Erator systems.