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What we do…
Innoflow’s only business is wastewater management. Our services range from consulting only, through to providing full design-build-operate solutions. Innoflow provides solutions for all facets of wastewater management including;
• Wastewater collection systems, variable-grade, effluent sewer reticulation
• Wastewater treatment systems from pre-treatment to tertiary treatment and disinfection, septic tank                       effluent  filters (Biotube®), sand contactors, up-flow filters, chlorination and UV systems
• Effluent disposal and dispersal systems, irrigation systems, low pressure distribution systems, gravel-                         less trenches
• Effluent recycling and reuse systems, irrigation, water reclamation, dual reticulation systems, fire-fighting storage
• Biological nutrient removal systems, nitrogen and/or phosphorous reduction
• System components (Orenco), effluent filters, screened pump vaults, dosing siphons, pumps, telemetry                     control panels, risers, fittings.