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Who we are…
At Innoflow Technologies we have a team of qualified and motivated experts committed to providing the most cost-effective, high quality and innovative solutions to your wastewater management requirements. Innoflow is the exclusive agent for Orenco Systems Incorporated (OSI) in Australasia and has years of experience in the design and installation of thousands of wastewater treatment and disposal systems throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Innoflow’s practical experience and comprehensive design techniques mean you can be confident of practical advice and service. Innoflow in conjunction with the team from OSI, has developed a reputation as one of the Australasia’s leading sources of information and high-quality equipment for non-conventional wastewater designs.
Due to customer demand, in 2006 Innoflow Technologies opened an office in Australia. Innoflow offers full engineering support with fully managed situations. It has proven itself with installations at Currumbin Australian Eco Village, Emirates Resort, and the STEP system at King Lake to name a few.

What we do…
Innoflow’s only business is wastewater management. Our services range from consulting only, through to providing full design-build-operate solutions. Innoflow provides solutions for all facets of wastewater management including;
• Wastewater collection systems, variable-grade, effluent sewer reticulation
• Wastewater treatment systems from pre-treatment to tertiary treatment and disinfection, septic tank effluent filters (Biotube®), sand contactors, up-flow filters, chlorination and UV systems
• Effluent disposal and dispersal systems, irrigation systems, low pressure distribution systems, gravel-less trenches
• Effluent recycling and reuse systems, irrigation, water reclamation, dual reticulation systems, fire-fighting storage
• Biological nutrient removal systems, nitrogen and/or phosphorous reduction
• System components (Orenco), effluent filters, screened pump vaults, dosing siphons, pumps, telemetry control panels, risers, fittings