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NaturalFlow is a natural system that uses well-established, sustainable natural processes to treat domestic and commercial wastewater. The system does not draw on any other resources and does not use external power in any of the treatment processes. NaturalFlow supports self-sufficiency, is easy on the ear and on the eye, and is a quiet passive system with no noisy mechanics or high-tech electronics. The resulting effluent is odourless, and with the system housed beneath the ground - the NaturalFlow will soon be completely hidden by plant life.

Which NaturalFlow System will best suit your site?
Based on a number of innovative modules, the NaturalFlow Wastewater and Sewage Systems are very flexible and adaptable to any site challenges you may face at your place.

In deciding which is the best system for your place there are a few main areas or points to consider;

  1. The Council requirements in your area – in relation to site size, treatment levels etc...If unsure just give our friendly Team a call and they will help.
  2. The impact on the environment at your place - The higher the treatment level the lesser the impact on the environment or the soils and the greater ‘Future Proofing’ you will acquire.
  3. Watertables – where this is under 1200mm you will usually need to go to Secondary treatment system
  4. Section/Site size – this varies a little between Councils but typically under 2500m² you will need Secondary treatment level (although in some areas Advanced Primary Plus is fine)
  5. Soil type – any topsoil’s with high clay content are bad draining the higher treatment level you go to the better