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Currently we have the distributorship for Oasis Cleawater Treatment Systems.

  1. Oasis Clearwater Enviromental Systems are New Zealands forerunners in waste water technology.
  • Oasis Clearwater have over 18 years experience in this field with emphasis on innovative  design for New                    Zealand conditions.  
  • Oasis Clearwater is dedicated to producing the highest quality products to ensure environmental protection
  1. Oasis Clearwater produce a waste water system for most situations, encompassing domestic, commercial and            industrial  enterprises, plus upgrades for existing systems. 

Living in the country brings unique pressures on water use. 

Your water supply is valuable and in most cases a finite source. 

Oasis technology allows all your household waste water to be converted into consistently high quality irrigation water – water re-use at a very smart level.

We recommend Oasis Treatment Plants highly for most waste water applications with their proven design and engineering excellence, high reliability and strong emphasis on water protection qualities.