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Services we Provide

Septic &  Wastewater Treatment System Maintenance

We offer septic tank cleaning, sewage removal, fat & grease traps and mud sumps. 

We also service a variety of Septic Tanks from Oasis Clearwater , Biolytix, Advanced Enviro-Septic, Devan Plastics, Naturalflow, Hynds and  Innoflow Waste Water Systems. We have an automatic servicing schedule that keeps your regular servicing up to date and your septic tank running smoothly.

Drainage Work

We have 2 Certified Drainlayers  trained to evaluate and carry out all work required on new or existing homes.  From  waste  & storm water drainage, installation of water tanks and pumps, dispersal & effluent fields maintenance and upgrades. 

Septic Tank Installation & Designs
All Septic & Drainage is registered and accredited by the Dunedin City Council to provide wastewater system designs that best suit your specific location, we can also take care of the application to various councils for approval.

There are a multitude of factors that must be considered to determine the best wastewater design for your property. 
The most important considerations are:
  • Maximum occupancy rate of the dwelling.
  1. Permeability of the soil on site.
  2. Soil texture and structure.
  3. Site topography
  4. Localised climate.
  5. Historical site use / stability.
  6. Occupancy frequency of dwelling, part time use, (e.g. holiday house) or full time use.

Your site wastewater system and its maintenance are all the responsibility of the property owner, and its neglect will ultimately produce health and environmental issues. We are committed to offering you the most efficient system – needing negligible owner attention, and creating minimal environmental impact now and in the future. Our specification in the wastewater field has enabled us to combine our accumulated knowledge of Otago soils and conditions, with our promise to offer you the smartest technology available.


DCC Accreditation & Registration

All Septic & Drainage are also approved to supply new Dunedin City Council Water Connections.